We feature discounted software and hardware which make it possible to digitize physical objects, produce 3D virtual models, translate graphics into 3D reliefs, and make actual 3D prototypes, sculpture, jewelry, and other real parts from your virtual models.

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ComputerSculpture.com sells the tools necessary to create physical objects through the use of computers. We’re United Artworks—working artists who use the tools we sell. We’ve made deals with manufacturers which allow us to sell these tools to you at a substantial discount; lower than buying directly from the factory. If you compare our prices, we think you’ll find that we offer the best deal on the Internet for these products.

The tools on this site have been divided up generally into tools for scanning physical objects (Scanning), tools for modeling and manipulating 3D objects in the computer (Modeling), tools for creating tool paths from 3D computer models (Tool Paths), and computer-controlled machines to cut forms out of various materials (Production).

At our sister site, Juxtamorph.com, and on our About page, you’ll find more information about Andrew Werby, our principal. He’s active in bringing technical information on a wide variety of sculpture-related topics to artists everywhere. With ComputerSculpture.com, he’s able to sell at a big discount some of the products that he recommends for various tasks.

United Artworks
(510) 568-4298

Or email us at AWerby@ComputerSculpture.com.

Not everything that we sell is listed. If you have any questions, please email us.

United Artworks, Computer Software Publishers & Developers, Oakland, CA
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