Sherline 5400 CNC Mill

4th Axis Stepper Motor and and CNC Upgrade Kits Available

Sherline 5400 Manual Mill

An excellent choice for jewelers and miniature model makers, the Sherline 5400 CNC Mill is equipped with a powerful ¼ HP variable-speed DC spindle motor for smooth speed changes on the fly. The control box comes ready to hook up four stepper motors, if you decide to upgrade with the 4th axis rotary table. Sherline supplies their own version of the open-source Linux CNC (EMC) software, which works on Linux operating systems. This allows you to run the mill and avoid the necessity of having to purchase Windows for your shop computer. While there are other configurations of these mills that are useful for various machining tasks, the 5400 model is the one we recommend for CNC, as it is more rigid and will require less adjustment to keep in tram.

The Sherline 8770 CNC Upgrade Kit for existing 5000/5400 series mill includes three Sherline 67127 Stepper Motors, the Sherline 8760 4-Axis Driver Box, power supply, cables, and the EMC software for Linux on CD. You connect your computer (not included) to the driver box using a 25-pin parallel cable (included) attached to your computer’s parallel port.

A 4th axis rotary table made by Sherline is available for these mills which is usually set up parallel to the x axis. It is usually advisable to support the far end of the workpiece, using the Sherline right-angle adjustable tailstock listed below.

We sell these tools at a discount for U.S.-based customers along with any accessories ordered at the same time, and at list prices to customers worldwide. Please contact us for a shipping quote to your location.

Manufacturer: Sherline Products

Version Sold

    Sherline 5400 CNC-Ready Mill

    Note: we don’t supply a computer with this mill.

    List Price: $1030

    Our Price: $950

    Add Accessories

    Sherline 8770 CNC Upgrade Kit

    A computer is not included with this upgrade kit.

    List Price: $805

    Our Price: $765

    Sherline 8730 4th Axis CNC Rotary Table with Stepper Motor

    List Price: $395

    Our Price: $375

    Sherline 3702 Right Angle Adjustable Tailstock

    List Price: $75

    Our Price: $72