Roland’s MDX-20

Combination Touch-Probe Scanner and Milling Machine

Roland MDX-20 Touch-Probe Scanner and Milling Machine

Roland Digital Group made a series of machines for capturing surface data from objects and then carving them from solid material. This is the largest of these units which combine a touch-probe scanner and light-duty milling machine in one integrated package with a working envelope of 8″ × 6″ × 2⅜″ (for the MDX-20). On this machine, a fine and sensitive piezo-electric scanning needle records even delicate objects without damage or distortion and stores them as polygon mesh surface data which can be exported to other programs or milled out using the cutting spindle of this versatile machine. Roland’s Dr. Picza scanning software, Modela Player and Dr. Engrave milling software is included. We also have a stainless steel fixturing plate with hold-down kit that fits the MDX-20; we normally sell that for $200, but are including it with this machine for free.

Manufacturer: Roland Digital Group

Versions Sold

Roland MDX-20

Includes aftermarket stainless fixturing plate

List Price: $4,995

Our Discount Price: $4,000 — Just One Left

Stainless Steel Fixturing Plate with Hold-Down Kit for MDX-20

Our Discount Price: $200