Roland’s 3D Laser Scanner

A Breakthrough Price for Time-of-Flight Laser Scanning

Roland LPX-60DS Laser Scanner

Roland Digital produced a laser-scanner, the LPX-60, at a breakthrough price for this type of machine. It is capable of scanning objects which fit in a 12″ high by 8″ diameter cylindrical space quite quickly, and automatically registering the scans to produce a solid model. We’ve been impressed with its speed and ease of use, as well as the lack of surface “noise” incorporated. It uses planar scanning to capture single or multiple 3D views of a subject at up to 0.008 inches resolution in x and y, or it performs rotary scanning at up to 1,800 steps per revolution and the same x/y pitch. The “time of flight” laser sensor doesn’t contact the object to be scanned; it moves up and from side to side as the object is moved on its turntable. It is bundled with Dr. Picza for control of the scanning operation as well as EZ-scan software from Geometry Systems, Inc. This makes scanning extremely simple—just load the part onto the turntable, securing it with screws if necessary, then press Preview. Yellow lines are then automatically generated that show where the part is. After deciding how many planes are to be scanned setting the scanning resolution, and deciding whether or not to fill in all holes, just press the Scan button—the machine does the rest.

Please note that shiny, clear, or dark-colored objects may present difficulties unless painted in a lighter matte color which is easier for the laser to register.

Manufacturer: Roland Digital Group

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    Roland LPX-60DS 3D Laser Scanner

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