Hardware & Software

Modeling — Introduction

A 3D model is like a drawing, but instead of being limited to a two-dimensional representation of a part or scene, it contains all the information needed to construct an actual part in three dimensions. Some 3D modeling programs work by expanding on linear drawings, extruding curves in space or stretching surfaces between them. Others let users work directly with solid objects, either as adjustable “primitive” forms (cones, cubes, spheres, etc.) or as amorphous blobs of virtual “clay” material…


“Moment of Inspiration”

MoI - “Moment of Inspiration” — is a NURBS modeling program developed by Michael Gibson, the man who originally designed Rhinoceros for McNeel and Associates. NURBS modeling offers great flexibility for making complex compound-curved surfaces without sacrificing precision — zoom into a NURBS curve, however far, and it doesn’t break up into segments, it’s always the same mathematically-defined curve. Surfaces based on these splines can therefore be very smooth without taking up a lot of…

Geomagic Sculpt

Sculpt software with the 3D Stylus Haptic Arm

For organic sculptural modeling, 3D Systems and United Artworks offer Geomagic Sculpt , that uses a “haptic interface” (from a Greek word meaning “to touch”); an articulated arm with force-feedback resistance that actually lets you feel your virtual parts as you work on them in the computer. Developed by Sensable Technologies over the last decade, this product was bought by 3D Systems and incorporated into their product line so they’d have something to offer to right-brained artistic…