DeskProto 7.1

Three-axis and Multi-axis

Automatic Carving for Non-Machinists

DeskProto Screenshot of Simulated Bottle

While it’s not intended for machining mechanical-type parts, DeskProto is an excellent choice for producing artistic, decorative, or jewelry items, as well as concept models. Unfazed by mesh files running into hundreds—even thousands—of megabytes, it generates toolpaths and the G-code that drives your router or mill very quickly, and boasts a range of powerful machining strategies utilizing 3, 4 or even 5 axes of your CNC machine.

With various “wizards” to guide you in setting up such things as 2-sided parts, indexed n-sided machining passes, bitmap-derived reliefs, 2D engraving on 3D geometries and rotary toolpaths, its unrivaled ease-of-use makes it a compelling choice for many purposes.

The latest Multi-axis version includes the ability to produce continuous 3 and 4 axis toolpaths from mesh files and 5th axis indexing. There is no program with its multiple-axis capabilities that comes anywhere near it in affordability.

New in the 7.0 edition is the ability to use 2D shapes to drive operations like pocketing, drilling, and profiling, so you don’t need another CAM program to perform these basic functions.

DeskProto Venus Bust with Tool Paths screenshot UNC 581x419

DeskProto Venus Bust Being Milled UNC 529x349

Tool Paths in Action

If your CNC mill or router has only 3 axes, and you don’t want to pay for more software than you need, DeskProto’s Three-Axis “Expert” Edition might be just the thing. With all the features of the Multi-Axis edition except support for the 4th and 5th axes, it comes at a commensurately lower price.

The paid versions of the program: Entry, Expert and Multi-axis are all activated by emailed codes, so there’s no need to ship you a package (although they are available for an extra fee).

Here’s a handy table for comparing these different versions, so you can choose the one with the features you need.

They can each be evaluated using a trial version that will generate G-code, so you can see the amazing speed with which DeskProto produces toolpaths, and try them out on your CNC machine, although this will leave an “X” mark on your milled parts.

There’s also a downloadable time-limited demo (English edition) of the previous (6.1) version available on the Manufacturer’s website.

There is also a free version that’s fully functional, although it lacks many of the features of the paid versions.

Educational customers and hobbyists can purchase the flagship Multi-axis version at a much lower price than customers who use it commercially.

United Artworks has been an authorized dealer of DeskProto software for a long-time and we can offer it at an exceptionally low price.

Manufacturer: Delft Spline Systems

Versions Sold

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DeskProto 7.1 Multi-Axis Edition

For Hobbyists and Educational Customers

This has all the features of the full commercial version, but it is offered at a much reduced price to non-commercial and educational users. It is only for sale to private individuals, not to companies or people acting for companies, and any products made using it are not to be distributed commercially.

List Price: €248

Our Price: $248

DeskProto 7.1 Multi-Axis Edition

For Educational Labs

Requires proof of status as full-time student, faculty, or educational institution.

The Educational Lab License is the best solution for classroom use. This allows DeskProto to be run on up to 25 networked PCs at once.

List Price: €1295

Our Price: $1295

DeskProto 7.1 Multi-Axis Entry Edition

For Commercial Customers

This has all the features of the Free edition with the addition of multiple operations per part, roughing layers, and pocketing within a closed curve. Commercial uses are permitted.

List Price: €145

Our Price: $145

DeskProto 7.1 Three-Axis “Expert” Edition

For Commercial Customers

This has all the features of the Multi-axis edition except those pertaining to the 4th rotary axis. Commercial uses are permitted.

List Price: €595

Our Price: $595

DeskProto 7.1 Multi-Axis Edition

For Commercial Customers

Commercial uses are permitted.

List Price: €995

Our Price: $995