VisualCAM—Mill for Rhino

RhinoCAM 2020

Plug-ins to McNeel’s Rhino 7.0 3D Modeling Software

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MecSoft Corporation’s plug-in to McNeel’s Rhino 7.0 3D modeling software brings VisualMill’s functionality into the Rhino environment. RhinoCAM 2020 does everything that VisualMill 2020 does, while RhinoCAM 2020 Expert includes all the functions of VisualMill 2020 Expert and RhinoCAM Pro offers the full functionality of VisualMill 2020 Pro, from within the Rhino workspace.

For someone who likes Rhino, wants to develop CNC toolpaths for their Rhino models, and wishes to avoid the hassle of learning a new interface, the combination of Rhino 7.0 and RhinoCAM 2020 would be a good choice. VisualMill’s toolbars are simply added to the Rhino workspace, so one can go seamlessly from model creation to G-code. Since VisualMill already opens Rhino’s 3dm file format, this avoids the extra steps involved in closing one application and opening another. One can use Rhino’s familiar curve creation tools, and see them pop up as “regions” in the VisualMill window. Surfaces and meshes are also recognized on creation, and one can go back and forth as needed, adding reference geometry as it’s required.

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This plug-in comes with a fairly lucid “Getting Started” guide, and an illustrated Online Help section that helps to demystify the process of toolpath creation for the uninitiated.

RhinoCAM 2020 Software

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition of RhinoCAM comes with a good range of 2D, 2½-D, and 3D capabilities and a variety of machining strategies. If you’ve got a 3-axis CNC machine and want to do normal curve-driven machining tasks such as facing, profiling, pocketing, and 3D carving based on surfaces or meshes, this Standard version is all you’re likely to need.

Expert Edition

The Expert Edition of RhinoCAM adds support for a 4th axis, both in continuous and indexing modes. This makes it possible to carve all the way around a part as it rotates parallel to the x axis, or to cut two or more sides of the part from different angles. Curve-based continuous machining operations such as 4th axis facing, pocketing, profiling and engraving, as well as 4th axis machining operations based on solid or surface meshes are available.

Professional Edition

The Professional Edition of RhinoCAM is ideal for producing molds, dies and tooling, advanced woodworking, prototyping, and general job-shop machining. This product boasts powerful toolpath generation strategies coupled with means of efficiently controlling the cutting tool while executing a range of sophisticated machining and re-machining operations, without sacrificing ease of use. Suitable for demanding users with exacting manufacturing requirements, this product configuration includes all the functionality included in the Expert edition described above, and adds a number of other advanced capabilities.

Premium Edition

The Premium Edition of RhinoCAM adds to the capabilities of the Professional Edition. This new version of VisualMill adds 5-axis continuous machining functionality and other cutting-edge features. Suitable for highly sophisticated machining requirements such as aerospace manufacturing, advanced mold making and sculptural woodworking, this package includes such machining methods as surface normal machining, swarf machining, and surface flow machining. This version also includes a custom post-processor to handle the unique kinematics of your 5-axis CNC machine.

Manufacturer: MecSoft Corporation’s RhinoCAM Site

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VisualCAM—Mill for Rhino (RhinoCAM) 2020

Standard Edition

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VisualCAM—Mill for Rhino (RhinoCAM) 2020

Expert Edition

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VisualCAM—Mill for Rhino (RhinoCAM) 2020

Professional Edition

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VisualCAM—Mill for Rhino (RhinoCAM) 2020

Premium Edition

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